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WPXL-90249/50 ¥6,600(税込) 

〈通常盤Blu-ray 2枚組〉
◎通常盤/Primadonna盤 共通 (約170分)
01. Flower Rock(2010 Zepp Tour -Hands UP!!-)
02. 願う(2010 Hall Tour -So today...-)
03. Hello Hello(2011 Summer Final -Messenger-)
04. Brand-new days(2011 X'mas Live -Winter's Night-)
05. SATISFACTION(2012 Summer Tour -RUN ! RUN ! RUN !-)
06. TOP SECRET(2013 Arena Tour -FREEDOM-)
07. BE FREE(2014 Arena Tour -The Passion-)
08. BEAT IT(2014 Arena Tour -The Passion-)
09. Time To(2014 Arena Tour -The Passion-)
10. Memory(2014 Autumn Tour -To The Light-)
11. To The Light(2014 Autumn Tour -To The Light-)
12. PRAY(2015 Arena Tour -5.....GO-)
13. Orange Days(2015 Arena Tour -5.....GO-)
14. Hourglass(2015 Arena Tour -5.....GO-)
15. Primavera(2015 Arena Tour -5.....GO-)
16. Moonlight(2015 Autumn Tour -Where's my PUPPY?-)
17. FREEDOM(2016 Arena Tour -Law of FTISLAND:N.W.U-)
18. 未体験Future(2016 Arena Tour -Law of FTISLAND:N.W.U-)
19. PUPPY(2016 Arena Tour -Law of FTISLAND:N.W.U-)
20. YOU DON’T KNOW WHO I AM(2016 Arena Tour -Law of FTISLAND:N.W.U-)
21. Shadows(2017 Arena Tour -UNITED SHADOWS -)
22. シアワセオリー(2017 Arena Tour -UNITED SHADOWS -)
23. 1234(2017 Autumn Tour -Here is Paradise-)
24. Take Me Now(2017 Autumn Tour -Here is Paradise-)
25. Paradise(2017 Autumn Tour -Here is Paradise-)
26. Golden(2018 Arena Tour -PLANET BONDS-)
27. Summer Night's Dream(2018 Autumn Tour -Pretty Girl-)
28. Hold the moon(2019 Japan Live Tour -FIVE TREASURES-)
29. God Bless You(2019 Japan Encore Live -ARIGATO-)
30. Sunrise Yellow(2019 Japan Encore Live -ARIGATO-)
31. アリガト(2019 Japan Encore Live -ARIGATO-)
32. Stay what you are(2019 Japan Encore Live -ARIGATO-)


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